Friday, September 3, 2010

Cheap Plans/Ideas For Labor Day 2010 Weekend

Looking for things to keep your self busy (but relax) during the long weekend? Like the rest of Florida, do you presently have tight wallet syndrome? Here are some of my plans for the 2010 Labor Day weekend. Hopefully it will inspire fellow Jacksonvilleans (people from Jacksonville fl, as per wiki answers) :)

1. Pool/Beach Day: The weekend weather is predicting 30% precipitation on Satuday and Sunday afternoon. So a dip after that would be very refreshing!! If you do not have an outdoor pool in your home/community then try to make it to the beach. Atlantic Beach is my favorite since it is small enough that not too many people are around but large enough that you can walk around the beach and the stores in the Neptune Beach Town Center. I would not suggest going too deep in the water this weekend though since the rip currents are supposed to be high due to Hurricane Earl.

2. An Afternoon At The Library: Jacksonville has so many great FREE public libraries around the city. Yet I do not think it is utilized much by adults anymore. I have recently discovered the library again and I must say it is amazing. You can get all the new magazines there for FREE, plus books, movies, cds and more. I have been to most of the libraries around the city and my favorite is the one on Beach Blvd. It has a very open, sunny, welcoming atmosphere with a great selection in all types of books. Its a great place to pick up some reading material for at home or pool day.

3. Zoo Evening - We just purchased tickets to go to the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens this weekend. Groupon has a deal going on today for $6 tickets to the zoo (one entry, expires Jan 2011). Groupon Deal Link will let you get one too if you are interested in going this weekend or anytime this year. I always find it a fun place to visit and it is a great workout with all the walking ;)

4. Shopping - Labor Day has become in commercial America another day to go out and buy big ticket items. Well unfortunately I am presently struggling to pay my monthly bills so maybe this weekend is not the time to go buy major furniture :) If you are in the same economical disaster as I, then it should not mean that You and I should avoid the malls like plague. I think window shopping during Labor Day Weekend is always fun because places such as St John's Town Center have free activities to entice customers to the mall. So we are planning on hitting the mall but only for some window shopping and free goodies. To ensure this, we will be leaving all major credit cards at home and just bringing enough cash to maybe have a nice dinner outside. So if you can spice up some Self Control and Self Restraint, you should really add shopping day to your labor day weekend.

5. At Home Relaxation Day - We desperately seek the small things in life such as sleeping in, watching TV, laying on the couch when we are working everyday. However we are ready to go out everyday during the weekend. My Husband and I are going to try taking pleasure in those small things by sitting at home one day this weekend just watching movies/tv, reading books and eating comfort foods. (Will let you know how it goes).

Have a Great Labor Day Weekend. If you have any idea on cheap plans please comment.

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