Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hunt for Decent Pizza in Jacksonville, FL

Pizza! For generations everybody has loved pizza. Date night, kids party,
movie night at home or a quick meal.. pizza is a great solution for
any occasion. Yet, finding a great tasting pizza spot in Jacksonville
is still a challenge. Excluding the usual chains (Pizza Hut, Dominos,
Little Caesars, Etc), Jacksonville has quite a limited selection
when it comes to authentic pizza places. Having spent some time in
eating my way through new york pizzeria's.. I have grown quite
fond of the new style pizza. My search for new style pizza has taken me to
most of the "new york style" pizza places in Jacksonville with some
decent results.

Our most recent adventure was after buying a doubletakedeal online
for $10 for $20 of Pizza, Pasta and More at Libretto’s Pizzeria (still available
if you would like to try it out as well Pizza Deal).

My husband and I decided to make a date night out of it and dinned in at the restaurant.
I ordered a pie with spinach and mushrooms while he got a calzone.
My pizza was delicious and I think beat Milanos (the popular choice
in Jacksonville for new york style pizza) due to the sweetness of the sauce.
My husband did not get quite as lucky. His calzone was about the size of a pizza
pocket and although it tasted average we could not justify the price
they charged for the small thing. Their garlic knots (my weakness at all
Italian restaurants) lacked the extra garlic ummff that we are all seek when
risking the carbs and calories to eat those yummy garlic goodness. Next time
I would probably just do pick up for the pizza from Libretto's since it would be more
cost friendly and I could eat what they do best.. pizza.

So the hunt still continues for a good pizza spot. If any of you out there have a suggestion
please pass it along.